Master Larry Mattox has been with the Central Shaolin Martial Arts for 46 years. Master Larry has been teaching for 44 years under the guidance of Grandmaster Hiang, a 10th degree black belt. Besides Kung fu, Master Larry also teaches Tai Chi, women’s self defense, and Chi Kung (breathing and meditation).

Shea Hill, a 3rd degree black belt, lives in Cynthiana and is a student of Master Larry. She has been studying with Master Larry since February 2018 and earned her 3rd degree black belt on June 21, 2022. She currently teaches in Cynthiana and the Paris Y. She enjoys sparring from the drunken system and practicing meditation through the internal forms. She also teaches Tai Chi and women’s self defense. Her goal is to become a master in Chung Yen Shaolin Martial Arts.

Master Larry: 859-588-5129

Sifu Shea: 859-513-1444

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